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An atheist changes her mind

by Dooney

I was raised by atheists, so I was an atheist by default without really knowing why. I wondered as I was growing up why everyone I knew had all this knowledge about God and church and the rituals that go with church. I attended several different churches with friends trying to figure it all out. I was even eventually baptized in a Methodist church and thought maybe I’d finally belong, until they started sending people to my house to collect money. I was a college student and I didn’t

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Jesus came to me at an Angel Gathering :)

Posted by Carol Croft

This is the story of my True spiritual path… As a child I was baptised Catholic. And grew up with a Catholic mother and grandmother. We didn’t have to go to church every Sunday but it was a must on Easter and Christmas. Even as a young child I knew that I didn’t fit in there.

I had so many questions and concerns even then, it just didn’t feel right to me.. My father never went to church with us, it was always just my grandmother, my mother, my brother and sister

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