Jesus came to me at an Angel Gathering :)

Posted by Carol Croft

This is the story of my True spiritual path… As a child I was baptised Catholic. And grew up with a Catholic mother and grandmother. We didn’t have to go to church every Sunday but it was a must on Easter and Christmas. Even as a young child I knew that I didn’t fit in there.

I had so many questions and concerns even then, it just didn’t feel right to me.. My father never went to church with us, it was always just my grandmother, my mother, my brother and sister and myself. I remember one Easter, when I was about 10, I asked my father why I had to go to church and he didn’t. He told me “Honey, I can be closer to God in the backyard next to the big tree than I can be in any church.” That has always stuck with me.

Ever since then, I spent every weekend I could with friends just so I could try out their church, I continued doing so through out my teen years.. I was looking for some place that felt right to me. Being brought up in the church, I still programmed to believed that I would find it in a church. It wasn’t until I was about 21 that I figured out that I was never going to find it in a church.

I met a wonderful friend when I was 28. We talked extensively about spirituality. She said to me one day “What do you think about looking into the earth based spiritual paths/wicca?” I was so excited, so I started working with the plant and gemstones and elemental kingdom.  Which felt so much better than anything else I had tried. Wicca just like any other religion has dark aspects as well as Light.. I started this path with a lady friend of mine. Soon it became 4 of us. We are like sisters, still to this day and would do anything for each other..

I still had that Catholic programming nagging at me, that I may not be doing the right thing. So I asked spirit to give me a sign. There was an Angel Workshop advertised and I decided to attend that. They advertised that the object was to find your angel name, or meet your Guardian Angels. So I signed up for that. I went and there were quite a few in attendance. This was put on by the Spokane Metaphysical Society, and I knew one of the leaders pretty well so I felt comfortable with the event. We all gathered there and the woman leading the meditation was telling us to quiet our minds and relax our bodies one part at a time… first our shoulders, then arms then backs, hips legs and feet. Then she told us we would see a long hallway… And to watch for one of the doors to glow.

We were to open the door and go inside…

I saw a door that was glowing and there was a shimmer around it. So I went to it and opened the door slowly and then I stepped inside. I looked into the room and there was a man in a long robe with his back to me. I KNEW immediately who it was,  Jesus was standing there with his back to me. I said “I’m so sorry, I’m must be in the wrong room.” He turned to me and motioned to me to come on into the room.. I proceeded slowly. He motioned for me to come up to him and he embraced me and said “You are as I am!” His embrace was indescribable. How could I ever describe the immense love I felt in that moment, it still brings a tear to my eye. He communicated to me that I was on the right path, that I needed to search to find a path that felt right in my heart, he pressed his hand to my heart as he said this and my whole being was immersed in the brightest white light.

The next thing that happened was that these small animals started appearing at his feet and he held out his hand and the little sheep put it’s face in the palm of his hand and he looked into it’s eyes and then he put his hand behind it’s head and he urged the sheep to merge with him. He did this same thing with a baby deer and a lamb and then he motioned to me that I could to do it also. He kept repeating “You are as I am!” A small lamb came to me and I repeated what he had done. I held the lamb’s face in my hand and looked deep into it’s eyes and then it started walking into me andI tried to back up and Jesus put his hand behind me so I couldn’t back up and the lamb had merged with me, It was such and expansive and loving feeling. So I did it once more with a small sheep and the second time it was so much easier.

Then I could hear the leader of the meditation saying in the distance it is time to come back now. I looked at Jesus and he came over and embraced me again.  I wasn’t ready for this amazing encounter to come to an end. He told me again “You are as I am!” Then he held me for a moment, I felt so protected and loved and then he just faded away as he embraced me. I could hear the leader of the meditation saying louder “It is time to come back now”.  And I walked to the door, there was a mirror right beside the door and I looked into the mirror. His eyes were in my eyes, he was inside of me. Then I started to cry, I was so overwelmed by the meaning of this. And the knowing that I was on the right path. Everyone there had gotten an Angel name except for me 😉

I believe we all have a special personal spiritual path. We just have to remain open to that and explore all the different ideas of what spirituality means means to us, each one of us. And to take bits and pieces of what has touched our hearts and make it our own. I don’t believe there is only one way. I believe there are countless ways, and that each has it’s merit.  What I’ve always admired about Jesus, is that he traveled the world to explore and find out what the other spiritual paths were all about.

What a GIFT!!!!

I have always had a very strong connection with Mary Magdalene. More on that subject soon…


2 thoughts on “Jesus came to me at an Angel Gathering :)

  1. Hello Carol Wednesday, August 05th 2015

    I just learned about orgonite yesterday because a friend sent me an email about Don’s zapper. My Higher Self told me that I would benefit from it and I ordered it from ctbusters. So I have been gathering information going from website to website and I got here on The Sacred Order Of The Rose and read the story of your spiritual path. It touched my heart very deeply when you encountered Jesus and I felt the Light descend upon me. This is how I know that you spoke the truth. I was brought up a Catholic also but was looking for the Truth. I found it with Elizabeth Clare Prophet and The Ascended Masters’ Teachings in 1985. Their website is
    I AM is the name of God. I AM THAT I AM is within you also. You are a daughter of God. Mary Magdalene was the twin flame of Jesus; her last incarnation on Earth was Aimee Simple McPherson, she is now ascended and one with Jesus. Her name is Ascended Lady Master Magda. May God bless and protect you and yours always. Love and Victory always, Monique

  2. I found this through Dooney’s site…there is no reference to it on your site—-that I could find

    Glad to find this—I too was raised a Catholic and I was around 23 and it was 1975 when I saw Patrick Flanagan on a TV interview and the next weekend took his course—Pyramid Power…..I was off and running. Now it is 2015 and I am feeling there is something perhaps around the corner I am supposed to “run into” we will see. Keep up the good work.

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