An atheist changes her mind

by Dooney

I was raised by atheists, so I was an atheist by default without really knowing why. I wondered as I was growing up why everyone I knew had all this knowledge about God and church and the rituals that go with church. I attended several different churches with friends trying to figure it all out. I was even eventually baptized in a Methodist church and thought maybe I’d finally belong, until they started sending people to my house to collect money. I was a college student and I didn’t have any money but that didn’t stop them from harassing me. Needless to say, that turned me off organized religion for good.

So where does someone go when they think they believe in God but don’t know what that is supposed to look like? I knew instinctively that I could have a personal connection with God and didn’t have to go through a priest or a church, but I still didn’t know how to go about it. Then ten years later I met my husband Stevo.

He was (and is) openly and unashamedly spiritual and psychic, and I was like a sponge soaking up information. I knew that this was how I was meant to be but I had a really hard time overcoming being raised with no spiritual foundation. I was ashamed to admit that I believed in God because I felt my family would disapprove. I was able to overcome that fear eventually and I started developing my psychic abilities.

Now I know that Spirit is everywhere. It’s in nature, it’s in people (even the PJ people), it’s in the love between people, it’s in the way we help each other, it’s in the eyes of everyone you see.

There isn’t any thing or any place that isn’t spirit.

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