The O Manuscript

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Several weeks ago I was awakened rather abruptly to the fact, that while I have come to a place of love and acceptance for myself and feel “comfortable in my own skin”, so to speak, I had external situations to wake me up to the impact that I was having on the world around me.  I always pay attention when I have seemingly hurt someone and this case it was a neighbor.  Also a very psychic and sensitive person I consider a friend.  I was struck with a painful realization that affected me physically as well as emotionally, that I needed to be aware of how I affected the sensitive ones around me.  I decided just then to find a way to rid myself of the aspects of my personality that were no longer of service—–those aspects that kept me from being totally aware and totally NOW and TOTALLY AVAILABLE.

I drew a mental and intentional circle around myself and went inward.  I created some morning practices that involved writing a meditation/prayer among other things.  A week into my inner journey I received a much anticipated Book in the mail—-The O Manuscript by Lars Muhl.  Carol Croft had recommended his books to Neil and I and we both read his small book, The Law of Light.  Neil then got The O Manuscript on his e-reader.  The hard copy was longer coming through the mail.  Neil has now read “O” twice.   This morning I finished the book.   I have to state this has been the most impactful book I have read to date.  The information is for us NOW.  The time is NOW.  There is nothing more than the NOW.

Thank you Carol for the most perfect path to my promised destiny.  here is the Meditation that I started writing several weeks back on my inner journey…


Song of My Heart


Song of my heart,

Blessings of my soul,

Essence of my being,

Gentle and compassionate God,

I am here,

And I am ready to become

What I have promised to become.


On me there is the armor

I created to fight ancient battles.

Within me there are great sorrows,

Old crystalised sadnesses,

Unwept tears,

And deep hurts.


All these which I in my ignorance,

Have held onto so dearly

My Spark of Divinity no longer needs or wants.


Minister to me

For my doors are open.

Knead the armor away.

I release it to you.

Touch the great sorrows,

The old sadnesses,

And the deep hurts.

I surrender them all through you.


Work on me,

And your hands of love

Will I manifest in my life as love.

Talk to me,

And your words will I manifest as music.

Help me,

And your help will I multiply

Ten times over as I help others.

Touch me,

And I shall so expand that touch,

That it will hug, surround, and

Nurture mother earth herself.


O song of my Heart,

Blessings of my Soul,

Essence of my Being,

Gentle and compassionate God,

I thank you

For helping me become what I have wanted,

And what I have promised to become.

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