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Mary Magdalene over Walla Walla WA

Posted by Carol Croft

I had a Holistic Fair in Vancouver WA the weekend of October 18, 2015.. I was going to be doing Aura Readings and sell my orgonite creations… I did the journey with a good friend of mine who also does the fairs.. Linda is a great traveling buddy!

I got to the fair and set up my computer and table. I did 3 readings and my computer stopped working.. I thought to myself, oh my goodness, I can’t believe this.. Then I reminded myself there’s a reason for everything.

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La Sainte Baume “Part two”

by Carol Croft

Spirit had been telling me that I had to take orgonite to Rome for a few years now.. I landed in Marseille France and rented a car… My plan was to go to Sainte Baume and connect with Mary Magdalene before I headed to Rome.. Because of jet lag and the lack of time when I landed I didn’t make it there.. Saint Baume is the most magical and mystical place I’ve found to connect with Mary Magdalene…

I finally went and gifted the places in Rome that I was guided to

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La Sainte Baume

by Carol Croft

Languedoc legends indicate that Mary Magdalene lived as a hermit in the Sainte-Baume Mountains of southern France. This towering mountain range is located in the heart of Aix-en-Provence and rises equidistant between the Alps and the sea.
The immense natural cave in the rocks is the size of a large house.. It is here, in this place that Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 years of her life in solitude, in meditation and contemplation.

Following 30 years spent in prayer and longing to

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Prayer to Mary Magdalene

by Carol Croft

Dear Mary Magdalene, love incarnate,

Sacred Vessel, Holy Grail,

Chosen were you from all women,

And Blessed is your union with Yeshua.

Dearest Bride and Beloved of Christ,

Show me the Way of the Heart,

And how to implement it in my daily life,

Now and Forever more…

So Be It and So It Is!

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