La Sainte Baume “Part two”

by Carol Croft

Spirit had been telling me that I had to take orgonite to Rome for a few years now.. I landed in Marseille France and rented a car… My plan was to go to Sainte Baume and connect with Mary Magdalene before I headed to Rome.. Because of jet lag and the lack of time when I landed I didn’t make it there.. Saint Baume is the most magical and mystical place I’ve found to connect with Mary Magdalene…

I finally went and gifted the places in Rome that I was guided to take care of. It was a very hard trip emotionally for me… When I got back to Marseille, I made my way to Sainte Baume with a couple of friends. I got to the cave and immediately went to the lower level of the cave where there is a shrine to Mary Magdalene.. I lit a candle, I was sobbing by now and I begged her for a sign that I was making a difference, with gifting all these sacred sights and vortexes.. My friend could see how upset I was, she asked me if I was OK.. I said “No I’m not OK!” She said come here I want a picture of you I front of the spring, which was also in the lower level of the cave… She took two pictures of me with her phone and then checked to make sure they were good photos as it’s pretty dark in the cave. She took one look at it and started to cry. These are the photos:



Mary Magdalene totally embraced me… I could barely hold it together, I was so honored and amazed.. There aren’t words to describe how I felt..

As I was getting ready to ascend the stairs to go to the main level in the cave someone very loudly inside of me said “you need to remember this, you need to take a picture leading up the stairs, for your spirit, for your heart..”


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