Mary Magdalene over Walla Walla WA

Posted by Carol Croft

I had a Holistic Fair in Vancouver WA the weekend of October 18, 2015.. I was going to be doing Aura Readings and sell my orgonite creations… I did the journey with a good friend of mine who also does the fairs.. Linda is a great traveling buddy!

I got to the fair and set up my computer and table. I did 3 readings and my computer stopped working.. I thought to myself, oh my goodness, I can’t believe this.. Then I reminded myself there’s a reason for everything.. There must be someone here I need to connect with in a different sort of way.. So I just went with that…

By the end of there fair I felt a little let down, as nothing happened. So we packed up. I was thinking to myself I really went in the hole on this fair.. I had to work at staying positive about the whole ordeal..

There is a couple of routes to drive home.. We decided to go thru Walla Walla WA as neither of us had been that way in a while.. We come over a ridge and could see Walla Walla in the distance.. It was a little overcast and was barely sprinkling.. I looked up at the sky and there was a BALL of rainbow colors. I said, oh my god, look at that.. We both knew immediately that this was something miraculous… My friend Linda immediately started stating intentions for herself and me, as I was driving…

I slowed way down and was pulling over.. As I was doing that I was thinking to myself what is it that I TRULY need to manifest… I stated to myself very quietly: “I intend that I have more communication with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and that I can communicate it to others in the best way possible, so they truly get it.. For the best good of all.. So be it and so it is!!!” In that moment the ball of rainbow split down the middle.. I was almost stopped by then and I was taking pictures as fast as I could with my phone.. This is what I got:

In the lower 2 photos you can see Magdalene’s head and body.. This day was the greatest gift!!!

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  1. That’s incredible. I love all the stories of the strong God believing women of the Bible

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